Development of 7 axes's CNC  Thread Rolling   Machine

Toshinaka Shinbutsu, Nissei Co., Ltd., Shuichi Amano, Nissei Co., Ltd., Minoru Yoshinaga, Nissei Co., Ltd. and Kenji Itoh, Nissei Co., Ltd.
 1. Abstract.
   Most people in general believe that production of machine parts is done  by cutting method and thread rolling machines are only used for making threads   and screws. However, thread rolling is an excellent production method in  terms of cost, material consumption, pollution, production speed and uniform  quality.
Our newly developed CNC thread rolling machine is now changing the normal machine parts production method from cutting to thread rolling. We are responding to a great demand especially for low cost and environmentally benign production. There's no doubt that metal forming with plastic deforming is the best way to make parts, but applicable parts are still limited. We are looking forward to serving the practical industrial field with our new machine.

2 Contents of techniques
The machine has four tie rods for rigidity, so that the load during forming is distributed evenly among the tie rods shown as below.


Accordingly CNC system can operate efficiently by reading the right amount of distance between right and left spindles by means of a bridge-like linear sensor mounted on spindle heads. The right spindle and the left spindle approach the center of the work simultaneously and identically. Spindle approaching is controlled by a servo valve at the resolution of 1 micrometer. Tilt of the spindle's are controlled to 1/1000 degree.
Synchronicity deviation between the two spindles' rotation is less than 1/100 degree because of full-closed control system. Controllable axes are 7 in total as shown below.
Use of special optical data transmission by means of international standard "SERCOS" and program language means that motion control card is no more necessary in this system.

3. Conclusion.
Thanks to today's computer technology developed by Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd., system controllers have changed the image of existing thread rolling machine into a completely new reborn machine. We call it the "Form Rolling Machine".
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