Ejector Cycle Refrigerator –2stage Variable Expansion Nozzle and 50% COP improvement

Regarding the prevention of global warming and ozone layer depletion to protect the global environment, energy conservation and disuse of CFCs are among the recent industrial requirements.  An ejector cycle can save power by eliminating expansion energy loss in the conventional vapor compression refrigeration cycle, which uses an expansion valve, and using the otherwise lost energy as compressor power.  This technology is useful for almost all kinds of refrigerating and air-conditioning systems, but has not yet been developed to a practical level anywhere in the world.  We have developed a practical ejector cycle technology and successfully commercialized it for the first time in the world, as the ejector cycle refrigerator that drastically improves refrigerating capacity and power efficiency while substantially reducing system weight, in comparison with refrigerators using the conventional vapor compression cycle.


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