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    According to the agreement made in the 2nd Asian TOP Panel Meeting,
the ENGINEERING NEWS IN BRIEF (E-mail newsletter) has now been edited
by the KSME for the year 2004.


(1) Waters to Expand in China (Source: CMES)
(2) Turbine to be Assembled (Source: CMES)
(3) Mechanics Industry Grows Rapidly and Steadily (Source: CMES)
(4) China, Germany Join Hands to Train Engineering Management Professionals (Source: CMES)
(5) Outdoor Type Observation Elevator (Source: JSME)
(6) 2,500 kW Flexible Electric Cogeneration System - IM270-IHI-FLECS (Source : JSME)
(7) A DNA Microextractor Using Crossed Field Electrophoresis (Source : KSME)


(1) Waters to Expand in China (Source: CMES)

Waters, the world's leading liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis provider, is to further expand its business in China.
Waters China General Manager Richard Chang said the company will introduce its latest products and technologies into the fastest growing market in the world.
This month, Waters promoted its newly-developed ACQUITY Ultra Performance UPLC System in the Chinese market.


(2) Turbine to be Assembled (Source: CMES)

The first GE Frame 9FA gas turbine to be assembled in China was shipped from Qinhuangdao in North China's Hebei Province last week under a technology transfer agreement with Harbin Power Equipment Company.
The gas turbine is the first of 13 GE gas turbines being supplied for China's Gas Turbine Power Plants Construction Project, a centerpiece of the country's efforts to meet its growing power requirements. All 13 gas turbines are scheduled to be shipped over the next 15 months and will add a total of 4.5 gigawatts of power to China's grid in the critical Shanghai region.
In consortium with Harbin, GE won a US$900 million contract last year to become one of two major gas turbine suppliers for the construction programme.


(3) Mechanics Industry Grows Rapidly and Steadily (Source: CMES)

China's mechanics industry has achieved rapid and stable growth in the first six months of this year.
The initial half year's industrial gross domestic product reached 1500 billion Yuan, or more than 180 billion US dollars, a 30 percent increase over the same period of last year.
Machine import and export total volume in the first half of this year has increased by 50 percent to 100 billion Yuan, or 12 billion US dollars.
It is predicted the growth rate will slow down slightly in the coming six months.


(4) China, Germany Join Hands to Train Engineering Management Professionals (Source: CMES)

Shanghai's elite Tongji University has founded a Sino-German school to train bilingual professionals in engineering management.
As an intergovernmental cooperation program, the school was founded between Tongji University and the University of Applied Sciences in Germany to train high-caliber engineering management professionals for Chinese and German enterprises.
The school, inaugurated on July 30, focuses on interdisciplinary studies in engineering, business administration and information technology.
Its three departments -- mechanical and electronic engineering, automobile services and civil engineering technologies -- will open to senior high school graduates starting from September.
Each student will study 1,200 hours of German under the four-year undergraduate program and most courses will be taught in German by specialists sent by the joint program as well as senior engineers from German-invested companies in China.
Besides a degree from the Chinese institution, the students will get a bachelor's degree from the German university, if they pass the DSH German proficiency test and spend at least one year in Germany studying and doing internships.
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Dudenhausen, state secretary of Education and Research of the Federal Government of Germany, was present at the school's inauguration ceremony on July 30 with Tongji's president Wang Gang.
Founded in 1907, Tongji is a multidisciplinary university featuring engineering, sciences, management, arts and law.


(5) Outdoor Type Observation Elevator (Source : JSME)

Hiroyuki KIMURA, Toshiba Corporation
Kazuhiro TANAKA, Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation

An outdoor type observation elevator, which has glass wall cage and no hoistway wall, is excellent in the view.
Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation has studied and developed a number of countermeasures for such elevators against environmental factors such as wind, rain, and so on.
These high-technology features have been employed in the elevators installed in the Izumi Garden Tower in Roppongi 1-chome, Tokyo, which have 165m rise and 360 m/min rated speed.
Countermeasures against wind and rain are taken and safety devices peculiar to outdoor installation are implemented.
By considering the results of wind tunnel test and those of vibration analysis of rope, it was decided to stop this elevator when the wind speed exceeds 20 m/s. Three vibration suppressors were installed in the height direction so that the rope may not be caught in the hoistway equipment when the wind speed is 60 m/s. Also it was proved that the safety devices operats certainly when water drop adheres to the guide rails.


(6) 2,500 kW Flexible Electric Cogeneration System - IM270-IHI-FLECS (Source : JSME)

Daisuke MURAOKA, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Solution Development Department, Gas Turbine Plant Division

Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries (IHI) developed a 2,500 kW Flexible Electric Cogeneration System, IM270-IHI-FLECS, derived from the IM270 simple cycle gas turbine that has Dry Low Emission combustor utilizing lean premix combustion. IHI-FLECS is an advanced cogeneration system enabling to vary the electric power output by changing the quantity of steam injected into the gas turbine combustor. The saturated steam injected in the combustor is mixed with a part of the compressed air, and makes superheated steam prior to entering into the combustion zone. Electric
power output is variable from 2,000 kW to 2,500 kW by injecting surplus steam, and can be kept 2,000 kW even at 40 ambient temperature.
In this system, there are two operation modes of steam control. One is process steam prior mode.
The other is electric power output prior mode. The alternative of the two operation modes can be selected in accordance with a utility demand.
IM270-IHI-FLECS has the Dry Low Emission combustor, which realizes 20ppm of NOx (@16% O2) in the operation without steam injection. 10ppm of NOx (@16% O2) can be achieved in the operation with the maximum steam injection.
We believe this system meets customers' demand and contributes to clean environment.


(7) A DNA Microextractor Using Crossed Field Electrophoresis (Source: KSME)

Professor Young-Ho Cho of KAIST reported a microextractor that can separate DNA molecules by their sizes in a recent issue of KSME Transactions (no. 8, vol. 28). The DNA microextractor immobilizes the DNA molecules of specific size in the micropillar array by adjusting the period of the crossed electric field, thus providing a starting-point
independent target DNA extraction method. The DNA microextractor has been fabricated by a three-mask micromachining process. The velocity of three different DNA molecules has been measured at the electric field of E=5V/0.8cm in the
fabricated DNA microextractor , resulting in the reorientation times of 4.80-0.44sec, 7.12-0.75sec for the DNA, micrococcus DNA, and T4 DNA, respectively. T4 DNA is trapped in the micropillar array when the crossed electric field of 5V/0.8cm is applied alternately at a 10 second time interval. The present DNA microextractor filters the DNA in a specific size range by adjusting the magnitude and/or the period of the crossed electric field applied in the micropillar array.


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