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MoViC2024 APVC 2024
Vibration Control, Vehicle Dynamics and Control, Robot Dynamics and Control, Rotor Dynamics and Control, Control of Civil Infrastructures, Model-Driven Systems Development, Smart Structures and Control, Smart Sensors and Sensor Network, Control of Micro and Nano Structures, Structural Acoustics and Control, Energy Management and Eco Systems, Energy Harvesting, Noise Control and 3D Sound Rendering, Control of Fluid/Structure Interaction, Damage Detection and Structural Health Monitoring, Dynamics and Control of Multibody Systems, Intelligent Transport Systems, Active Safety Systems, Control Technology for Tele-Operation Systems, Human-Machine Interface, Control Devices, Sensors and Actuators, and etc. General acoustics, Noise and vibration control, Dynamics and control of machines and structures, Nonlinear vibrations and control, Computational and analytical methods of vibration, Experimental methods of vibration, Measurement technique and sensors, Flow-induced vibrations in structures, Rotor dynamics, Vehicle system dynamics and control, Vibration energy harvesting, Utilization of vibrations, Multibody dynamics, Active and passive vibration control, Dynamic behavior of materials, Structural health and machine condition monitoring, Dynamics of transport systems, Vibration isolation and reduction, Dynamics and vibration of composite structures, Metamaterials for sound and vibration control, and etc.

Organized Session

No. OS Keywords Organizer
M-OS1 Electromagnetic systems Magnetic levitation
Magnetic bearing
Bearingless motor
Self-bearing motor
Satoshi Ueno(Ritsumeikan University)
Wataru Hijikata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Masahiro Osa (Ibaraki University)
M-OS2 Vehicle Dynamics and Control Automobile
Railway vehicle
Driver and Passengers
Kimihiko Nakano (The University of Tokyo)
Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
M-OS3 Nonlinear control theory and applications Nonlinear systems
Nonlinear control
Multi-agent systems
Learning control
Makoto Yokoyama (Niigata University)
Toshiki Oguchi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
M-OS4 Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Unmanned vehicle
Autonomous control
Intelligent systems
Satoshi Suzuki(Chiba University)
M-OS5 Haptics Haptics
Force feedback
Kinesthetic/tactile display
Haptic sensing technology
Masaya Takasaki(Saitama University)
Ryo Eguchi(Stanford University)
M-OS6 Measurement and control for agricultural machinery Harvesting
Working support
Motion and vibration control
Artificial intelligence application for agriculture
Autonomous navigation
Ayanori Yorozu(niversity of Tsukuba)
Liangliang Yang (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Yaohua Hu (Zhejiang A&F University)
Yohei Hoshino (Kitami Institute of Technology)
M-OS7 Dynamics and control of space robots Exploration rover
Autonomous mobility
Dynamic simulation
Satellite attitude control
Masatsugu Otsuki(JAXA)
Genya Ishigami(Keio University),
Takao Maeda(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
A-OS1 Vibration and acoustical analysis Vibro-acoustic coupling systems
Theoretical analysis
Modal Analysis for Noise and Vibration
Acoustic Metamaterials
Industrial Noise and Vibration
Machine learning for vibration and noise analyses
Vehicle noise and vibration
A-OS2 Health monitoring, diagnosis Parameter Identification
Damage Detection
Fault diagnosis
Maintenance and Reliability
Structural Health and macine condition monitoring
A-OS3 Nonlinear dynamics Nonlinear Vibration and Control
Nonlinear Vibration and Chaos
Nonlinear Vibrations and their Applications
Unstable Vibration, Self-excited Vibration and Synchronization
A-OS4 Signal processing Measurement techniques and sensors
Experimental modal testing and analysis
Signal processing for Dynamic Systems
Signal processing algorithms and applications
A-OS5 Vibration applications Vibration utilization
Energy harvesting systems
Noise, vibration and their applications
A-OS6 Flow induced vibrations Wind Induced Vibration in Structures
Measurement and Control of Flow Induced Vibration
Wind Turbine Dynamics and Control
A-OS7 Seismic, isolation, and damping Vibration isolation and reduction
Seismic Engineering
Damping Material
Damping and Damping Devices
J-OS1 Dynamics modeling and analysis Optimization and Design in Dynamics
Dynamics of Machines and Structures
Analytical and Computational Methods
Modal Analysis with Applications
Vibration of Continuous Systems
System identification
Vibration of Discrete Systems
Random Vibration and Reliability
Masahiko Aki (Nihon University)
Chihiro Nakagawa (Osaka Metropolitan University)
J-OS2 Noise and vibration control Active, passive, semiactive noise/vibration control
Metamaterials for vibration and noise control
Control and Optimization of Dynamic Systems
Vibration Control of Structural Systems
Noise and vibration isolation and reduction
Vibration and control of beams, plates and shells
Structural Vibration control
Nanako Miura (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
J-OS3 Multibody dynamics Dynamics and kinematics
Flexible multibody
Contacts, collisions
Control and robotics
Trans and railways
Shoichiro Takehara (Sophia University)
J-OS4 Human sensing and modeling Biomedical engineering
Motion measurement
Inertial sensor
Diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
Motomichi Sonobe (Kochi University of Technology)
Akihito Ito (Doshisha University)
Satoshi Ishikawa (Kyushu University)
Saori Morino (Osaka Metropolitan University)
J-OS5 Dynamics of cell manipulation and drug delivery Cell biomechanics
Cell manipulation
Drug delivery system, Cell morphology
Tissue formation
Drug dynamics
Yuta Kurashina (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Toshihiko Shiraishi (Yokohama National University)