v_BASE (Vibration Data Base Committee)

Outline of Committee Activity

Vibration Database (v_BASE) Committee which belongs to Dynamics, Measuring and Control Division in the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers continues to collect data related with troubleshootings for vibration and noise on mechanical systems and promotes to develop a database for storing these data. Main Activity of the committee is to hold v_BASE forum once per a year in Dynamics & Design Conference(D&D). Many case histories of actual vibration and noise issues are introduced in this forum.

Introduction of v_BASE (Vibration Database)

Purpose of Vibration Database (v_BASE) Committee is mentioned in prospectus for establishment of the committee as follows.

1) To contribute to improvement of competency of design and inspection in industrial circles by development of the database involving a lot of data relevant to vibration and noise issues on mechanical systems.

2) To improve a role which The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers has to fulfill in society by wide infiltration of the data in industrial circles.

Basic activity of the committee is to hold v_BASE forum or lectures in D&D Conference and to collect data for a database. The database v_BASE gives us valuable infromation to settle vibration and noise issues on mechanical systems and useful information in order for us to properly make a dicision of study items which shall be studied for development of new machine and equipment or execution management. The comittee has continued to accumulate data from wide industrial area and tried enhancing data.


v_BASE English Data

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