JSME Medal for Distinguished Engineers

  1. Hajime Asama(The University of Tokyo)
    Service Robotics and Its Applications for Societal Dissemination
  2. Tatsuo Arai(Beijing Institute of Technology)
    Development of High-Precision High-Speed Micro Hand and Its Application in Bio Science
  3. Norio Tagawa(Kansai University)
    Advanced Research and Development on Nanotribology and Nanomechatronics for Ultra-High Density Information Storage
  4. Shigetaka Nagamatsu(TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION)
    Development of a Multi-Arm Assembly Robot and Development of Production Engineering
    of Compact high-power Electric Motors and LIB for HEV

JSME Medal for Outstanding Paper

  1. The scaling of stress distribution under small scale yielding by T-scaling method and application to prediction of the temperature dependence on fracture toughness
    Toshiyuki MESHII(University of Fukui)
  2. A high-speed bending fatigue testing method for resin materials(An attempt of application to a glass fiber-reinforced plastic)
    Yosuke UEKI(Hitachi LTD)
  3. Creep damage assessment of circular notch specimen on a CrMoV forging steel based on the void growth simulation
    Takashi OGATA(Chiba Institute of Technology)
    Naoto IKEDA(Chiba Institute of Technology)
  4. Primary soot particle distributions in a combustion field of 4kW pulverized coal jet burner measured by time resolved laser induced incandescence (TiRe-LII)
    Nozomu HASHIMOTO(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    Jun HAYASHI(Osaka University)
    Noriaki NAKATSUKA
    Kazuki TAINAKA(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    Satoshi UMEMOTO(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    Hirofumi TSUJI(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    Fumiteru AKAMATSU(Osaka University)
    Hiroaki WATANABE(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
    Hisao MAKINO(Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)
  5. Set-off length reduction by backward flow of hot burned gas surrounding high-pressure diesel spray flame from multi-hole nozzle
    Takayuki Fuyuto(Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc.)
    Yoshiaki Hattori(Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc.)
    Hayato Yamashita(Nippon Soken, Inc)
    Naoki TODA(Nippon Soken, Inc)
    Makoto MASHIDA(DENSO Corporation)
  6. Development of numerical method for mass transfer from a buoyant bubble under a high Schmidt number condition
    Rihito ADACHI(Osaka University)
    Takeshi OMORI(Osaka University)
    Takeo KAJISHIMA(Osaka University)
  7. Effect of roughness on mean flow properties for turbulent boundary layer
    Takatsugu KAMEDA(Kindai University)
    Shinsuke MOCHIZUKI(Yamaguchi University)
    Hideo OSAKA(Honorary professor, Yamaguchi University)
  8. Analysis for fluid-elastic instability of tube arrays in cross-flow
    UTSUMI UTSUMI(IHI Corporation)
  9. Aurora 3d-measurement from whole-sky time series image using fish-eye stereo camera
    Akira TAKEUCHI(University of Tokyo)
    Hiromitsu FUJII(University of Tokyo)
    YAMASHITA(University of Tokyo)
    Masayuki TANAKA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Ryuho KATAOKA(National Institute of Polar Research)
    Yoshizumi MIYOSHI(Nagoya University)
    Masatoshi OKUTOMI(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Hajime ASAMA(University of Tokyo)
  10. Estimation of loaded static transmission error of helical gears by vibration measurement under operating load conditions
    Toshiya NAGUMO(Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd)
    Shigeki MATSUMURA(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Haruo HOUJOH(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  11. Prediction of interior noise in rolling stock by statistical energy analysis
    Takashi YOSHIZAWA(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Yasushi TAKANO(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Toshihiko MOCHIDA(Hitachi, Ltd.)
    Michio SEBATA(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  12. Topology optimization for multi-material structures based on the level set method
    Naoki KISHIMOTO(Kyoto University)
    Yuki NOGUCHI(Kyoto University)
    Yuki SATO(Kyoto University)
    Kazuhiro IZUI(Kyoto University)
    Takayuki YAMADA(Kyoto University)
    Shinji NISHIWAKI(Kyoto University)
  13. Active omni wheel capable of active motion in arbitrary direction and omnidirectional vehicle
    Masaharu KOMORI(Kyoto University)
    Kippei MATSUDA(Kyoto University)
    Tatsuro TERAKAWA(Kyoto University)
    Fumi TAKEOKA(Kyoto University)
    Hideaki NISHIHARA(Kyoto University)
    Hiroo OHASH(Kyoto University)
  14. Effect of internal clearance on rolling element load of double row tapered roller bearings
    Ken TAKAHASHI(Railway Technical Research Institute)
    Daisuke SUZUKI(Railway Technical Research Institute)
    Takafumi NAGATOMO(Railway Technical Research Institute)
  15. A possible common physical principle that underlies animal vocalization: theoretical considerations with an unsteady airflow–structure interaction model
    Shinji DEGUCHI(Osaka University)
  16. A level-set-based topology optimisation of carpet cloaking devices with the boundary element method
    Kenta NAKAMOTO(Nagoya University)
    Hiroshi ISAKARI(Nagoya University)
    Toru TAKAHASHI(Nagoya University)
    Toshiro MATSUMOTO(Nagoya University)

JSME Medal for New Technology

  1. Gas-Injection Heat Pump System
  2. Development of a vibration suppression system using variable hydraulic vertical dampers for railway vehicle
    Yoshiki Sugahara(Member, Railway Technical Research Institute)
    Takashi Kojima(Member, Railway Technical Research Institute)
    Yasuhiro Igarashi(Member, Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.)
    Yusuke Akami(Member, Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.)
  3. Amorphous Motor Integrated Oil Free Scroll Compressor
    K.Souma(Member,Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd. R&D Center)
    Y.Enomoto(Center for Technology Innovation – controls, Hitachi, Ltd.)
    S.Sakamoto(Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd.)
    Y.Kanemoto(Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd.)
    T.Obata(Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd.)
  4. Practical realization of a wearable and compact walking assistance device for paralytic by collaborating medical-engineering and academic-industry
    Eiichiro Tanaka(Member,Waseda University)
    Louis Yuge(Hiroshia University)
    Tadaaki Ikehara(Member, Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology)
    Yumi Kawahara(Space Bio-Laboratories Co.,Ltd.)
    Fuminori Yamasaki(iXs Research Corporation)
  5. Development of New Method to Cut Internal Gear
    Yukihisa Nishimura(Member,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., LTD.)
    Toshimasa Kikuchi(Member,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., LTD.)
    Yu Chihara(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems, LTD.)
    Tetsuji Monden(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., LTD.)
    Tetsuhei Kobayashi(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD.)
  6. Development of a new indoor unit with propeller fan system for room air conditioner
    Tomoya Fukui(Member, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Kenichi Sakoda(Member, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Shoji Yamada(Member, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)
    Akira Takamori(Mitsubishi Electric.Coporation)
    Takashi Matsumoto(Mitsubishi Electric.Coporation)
  7. Development of Keeping Straight Ahead System of Rice Planter
    Miyamoto, Jumpei(Regular member,Kubota Corporation)
    Kubota, Yuki(Kubota Corporation)
    Naomoto, Akira(Kubota Corporation)
    Iwami, Kenichi(Kubota Corporation)
    Yoshida, Kazumasa(Kubota Corporation)
  8. Vehicle Dynamics Improvement with Engine Torque Control based on Steering Angle Operation
    Tohru Yoshioka(Member,Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Daisuke Umetsu(Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Osamu Sunahara(Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Yasunori Takahara(Mazda Motor Corporation)
    Fuminori Kato(Mazda Motor Corporation)

JSME Young Engineers Award

  1. Mechanical modeling and evaluation of interface in composite structures by inverse analysis
    Yoshinao Kishimoto(Tokyo City University)
  2. Fatigue in freestanding metallic nano-films
    Toshiyuki Kondo(Osaka University)
  3. Development of high-performance hard coating films and its deposition technology based on the surface structural design for lubricant free metal forming
    Tetsuhide Shimizu(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  4. Research on Simulation of Coupled Phenomena and Microstructure of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  5. Heat Transfer Research of Fine Particle Suspension Fluids and Solid-Liquid Interface
    Yoshitaka Ueki(Osaka University)
  6. Numerical Study on Combustion Instability Mechanism
    Tomoaki Kitano(IHI Corporation)
  7. Fundamentals and Applications of Ammonia Combustion
  8. Quantum-Classical Molecular Dynamics Study of Mass Transport Phenomena in High-Order Structures of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane
    Takuya Mabuchi(Tohoku University)
  9. Theory and application of moving boundary problems for high Knudsen number flows
    Tetsuro Tsuji(Osaka University)
  10. Design of Sliding Surface of Mechanical Seal for Assistant Heart
    Koki Kanda(Tohoku University)
  11. Development of novel cutting tools with micro-textured surfaces
    Tatsuya Sugihara(Osaka university)
  12. Basic and Applied Research of Highly-aligned Carbon Nanotube Film as Machine Elements
    Yosuke Tsukiyama(Niigata University)
  13. Research on Surgical Robotic System
    Yuki Horise(Tokyo Women’s Medical University)
  14. Research on fast topology optimization method for a flow field
    Kazuo Yonekura(IHI Corporation)
  15. Development of a computational framework for medical support of endovascular coiling to cerebral aneurysms
    Tomohiro Otani(Osaka University)
  16. Study on Communication Blackout during Atmospheric Reentry using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Electromagnetics
    Yusuke Takahashi(Hokkaido University)
  17. Biomimetic technology based on the flight and the wing structure of dragonfly
    Hisayoshi Naka(Teneco Japan Ltd.)
  18. Large-scale rheological analysis of capsule suspensions and blood
    Daiki Matsunaga(Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford)
  19. Development of compact chemical heat pumps for automobile applications
    Ryuichi Iwata(TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC)
  20. Development of manufacturing technology and equipment for Rechargeable Battery
    Hirokazu Okamoto(Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation)
  21. Development of Three-dimensional Computational Analysis of Hot-Gas Mechanics in High-Voltage Gas Circuit Breaker
    Satoi Ogawa(TOSHIBA Corporation)
  22. Development of Prior Ride Comfort Evaluation Method for Construction Machines
    Kei Kanda(Hitachi Construction Machinery)
  23. Development of Networked Control System for Distributed All-round Active Damping System
    Takashi SAEGUSA(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  24. Development of Real-Time Thermal Displacement Compensation System for Machine Tools
  25. Analysis of self-excited oscillation in hydraulic system and development of design method for stabilization
    Katsuhiko Sando(Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
  26. Development of impact load reduction technology using frictional force for electric power steering
    Takehito Shiraishi(Honda R&D Co., Ltd.)
  27. Development of condensing once-through boiler with fully premixed surface-stabilized combustion burner
    Takuya Suzuki(Hirakawa CO.)
  28. Development of a Cooling performance diagnosis method of electronic equipment based on multipoint temperature measurements
    Tomoyuki Suzuki(TOSHIBA CO.)
  29. Development of the Concrete Hammering Testing System
    Yusuke Takahashi(Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd.)
  30. Development of EHL analysis technique for thrust slide bearing on scroll compressor
    Takuma TSUJI(Mayekawa MFG.CO., LTD.)
  31. Development of hybrid navigation system with Global Navigation Satellite System and Inertial Navigation System for launch vehicle tracking
    Satoshi Nakayama(Mitsubishi Precision co. ltd)
  32. Development of LES analysis technique for phenomenon clarification of performance curve instability in mixed-flow pump
    Isao Hagiya(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  33. Development of evacuation facility in road shield tunnel
    Takanori Hakozaki(Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited)
  34. Development of New Exhaust Emission Control System with Two Air-Fuel Ratio Sensors
    Go Hayashita(Toyota Motor Corporation)
  35. Development of Thermal Deformation Estimation of Ceramic Substrate for Power Semiconductor Modules
    Yu HARUBEPPU(Hitachi, Ltd.)
  36. Development of phenomenological combustion model for engine transient simulation
    Kenji Hiraoka(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)
  37. Development of high-speed belt-less transferring path for banknote processing machine
  38. Development of the design technology for improving the wear resistance of a sliding component in a compressor for refrigeration and air-conditioning by using a vane coated with diamond-like carbon film

JSME Education Award

  1. Educational program on National Institute of Technology for producing global professionals on the control engineering field
    Yasushi Kami(National Institute of Technology, Akashi College)
  2. Basic and practical education program using automatic transmission supported by industry and academia collaboration
    Takeshi Yamaguchi(Aisin AW Co.,Ltd.)

JSME Excellent Product Award

JSME Women of the Future Award

  1. Research on Safety of Rocket Propulsion System
    Akiyo Takahashi (The University of Tokyo)
  2. Motion analysis system with estimation of muscle activity for treatment of low back pain during and after pregnancy
    Saori Morino (Keio University )
  3. Visualization and Evaluation of EHD Flow Induced in a Pore
    Ayako Yano (GUNMA University)
  4. A Study on density-driven natural convection in porous media associated with CO2 geological storage by using X-ray CT scanner
    Wang Lei (Tokyo Institute of Technology)