JSME Standards

Standards Board

Through its research committees, the Standards Board prepares JSME Standards (in Japanese), as well as draft Japanese Industrial Standards and drafts of proposals of ISO Standards.

  • Standard Method of Test for Elastic-Plastic Fracture Toughness JIC (JSME S 001)
  • Standard Method of Statistical Fatigue Testing (JSME S 002)
  • Standard of Casting Design (JSME S 003)
  • Standard Method for Model Testing the Performance of a Pump Sump (JSME S 004)
  • Testing Methods for Fan and Blower Performance Using Models (JSME S 005)
  • Standards Methods for Pressure Testing of Oil Hydraulic Components (JSME S 006)
  • Temperature Measurement for Engines (JSME S 007)
  • Performance Conversion Method for Hydraulic Turbines and Pump-Turbines (JSME S 008)
  • Structural and Mechanical Design Criteria of Space Vehicle (JSME S 009)
  • Standard Method for Evaluating the Defects in the Coatings Made by Dry Processings (JSME S 010)
  • Standard Method for Heat Exchanger Thermal Design (JSME S 011)
  • Guideline for Evaluation of Flow-Induces Vibration of a Cylindrical Structure in a Pipe (JSME S 012)
  • Standard Method for Wear Test (JSME S 013)
  • Verification of Active Mechanical Equipment for Nuclear Power Plants  (JSME S 014)
  • Standard Method Fretting Fatigue Testing (JSME S 015)
  • Guideline for Fluid-elastic Vibration Evaluation of U-bend Tubes in Steam Generators (JSME S 016)
  • Guideline for Evaluation of High-Cycle Thermal  Fatigue of a Pipe (JSME S 017)