No.20-6  第30回環境工学総合シンポジウム2020

研究発表に関する規定 Guidelines for research presentation (in Japanese)

講演発表資格 Presenter qualification requirements

  日本機械学会会員に限ります.会員資格を有しない方においては,先ず入会手続きのうえ,入会仮登録番号を入手下さい. 日本機械学会「入会のご案内」ホームページ(

All presenters are required to be members of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. To become a JSME member, you must first register and obtain a temporary registration number on the JSME website below.

講演発表申込期限 Application deadline for presentation

The application deadline for presentation has been extended to February 3

Please note that the application deadline is earlier because the symposium date is earlier compared to the previous years.
The presenter’s JSME membership number is required at the time of application for presentation (you can use the temporary registration number).

講演申込みは締め切りました。 The application has been closed.

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