International Union

About JSME International Union

What is JSME IU

At the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, JSME IU was established with the aim of further globalizing the Society. It is necessary for the Society to change to an academic society that functions as an information hub where the most advanced information on related fields can gather from the world and send it to the world. However, it can not be said that the membership of the Society is foreign nationality and the Society needs to be a more attractive academic society for overseas engineers. As a step in this breakthrough, JSME IU forms a community centered on foreign international students and engineers and provides a forum for engineers and researchers related to mechanical engineering open to the world.


Inauguration of the JSME International Union

Membership Committee Chairman: Katsuko S Furukawa

International Cooperation Committee Chairman Ohtake Naoto

In order to achieve globalization of the Society by creating a community of foreign students and engineers,  the JSME International Union (JSME-IU) was inaugurated. The main points are listed below.


As described in the “2 nd Century Concept” regarding the necessity of globalization of academic societies, and it was necessary for this Society to escape from its international isolation. Though until now interaction with foreign countries mainly occurred through international conferences, the JSME-IU was launched to promote the globalization of the Society. While European and American academic societies are becoming more international, it was essential for this Society not to resist this trend, and change into an academic society that functions as an information hub where the most advanced information in related fields are gathered and broadcast worldwide. However, with only 500 current foreign members, this Society did not seem to appeal very strongly to foreign engineers. As a first step to improve this situation, JSME-IU was created to form a community of foreign students and engineers, and provide a forum open to the world for engineers and researchers in mechanical engineering.