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International Student Internship Round Table (29th November 2019)

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International Student Internship Round Table 2019




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日時: 11月29日 (金)、15:00~18:00

開催場所: 日本機械学会会議室1(JR信濃町駅から徒歩1分)

参加費: 無料

対象学生: 2021年3月に卒業予定の機械系に所属する留学生(※ 2020年度内に卒業予定の学生も申込可)

定員: 30名

日本機械学会International Union (JSME IU)は 機械系に所属する留学生のキャリアに関する情報交換の機会として留学生向けインターンシップ座談会を開催します.

既に機械系を卒業した留学生を雇用している5社の日本企業がこのイベントに参加予定です.少人数でのディスカッションを予定しており,参加企業の“中身”をよく知るための絶好の機会です.さらに,それぞれの企業は留学生向けのインターンシップを企画していますので,将来に向けたキャリアをスタートさせる貴重な機会になるはずです.. 参加定員が決まっているためできるだけ早く申し込むことを推奨いたします.


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JSME International Union

International Student Internship Round Table 2019

~Career Exchange Meeting for International Students in Mechanical Engineering~

Participating companies:ARTNER Co., Ltd./USUI Co., LTD/KYOCERA Corporation/TOSHIBA Corporation/Toyo Engineering Corporation

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Date: November 29th (Friday), from 15:00 to 18:00

Venue: Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Meeting Room(1 minute walk from the JR Shinanomachi Station)

Participation fee: Free

Target audience: International students in mechanical engineering planning to graduate in 2021 (※ Students who plan to graduate before or will have graduated by 2021 can also register)

Number of participants: 30

The JSME International Union (JSME IU) is planning to hold an International Student Internship Round Table to offer international students in mechanical engineering a career networking opportunity.

Six Japanese companies currently hiring international students in mechanical engineering are expected to attend this event. As the discussions will be held in small groups, it will be a great opportunity to better know the [inside] of each participating company. Also, each company is arranging internships for international students, so this is a unique opportunity to start building your future career. As the number of participants is limited, we recommend you register as early as possible.

Furthermore, though this event is organized by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, non-Society members are very welcome to attend. Please do not hesitate to share this announcement with anyone who may be interested in this event!

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