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JSME-IU Global seminar series 2020 -Campus and Lab Presentations from Researchers Studying Abroad (2) Stanford University- (10th February 2021)

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-在外研究者による海外研究紹介 スタンフォード大学CTR-



JSME International Union (JSME-IU)では、学会グローバル化への取り組みの一環として、在外研究者による海外における研究の機会に関する会員限定のセミナーを企画しました。


そこで、現在、在外研究をされている研究者から、Web会議システムを利用して、現地から研究内容や在外研究の経緯を紹介頂くセミナーを企画いたしました。ご講演者の前田一輝氏は現在,スタンフォード大学のCTR(Center for Turbulence Research)でResearch Associateをされており、流体力学、音響学の医療応用分野、推進工学等でご活躍されている若手研究者です。




日時:2月10日(水) 10:00 – 10:30






講演者:前田一輝氏(スタンフォード大学 研究員)

研究先:Center for Turbulence Research、 Stanford University














     メモリアル・チャーチ        ロダンの彫刻「カレーの市民」(レプリカ)


乱流研究所(CTR)               フーバータワー

スタンフォード大学構内の風景 (前田氏ご提供写真)


JSME International Union

JSME-IU Global seminar series2020

-Campus and Lab Presentations from Young Researchers Studying Abroad, Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University-


The JSME International Union (JSME IU) is organizing a seminar for JSME members on overseas research opportunities. In addition, a compact seminar using a web conferencing system has been adopted so that participants can participate easily.

Although overseas research opportunities help to develop future careers, by promoting the formation of global human resources and deep exchanges with overseas researchers, there are many troubling aspects, such as financial balance and proper networking. We planned a seminar from a researcher who is currently conducting overseas research using a Web conferencing system to introduce the research content and background of the overseas research. The lecturer is active in the medical application fields of fluid mechanics and acoustics or the rocket propulsion fields and so on as a Research Associate at the CTR (Center for Turbulence Research) of Stanford university. This is a unique opportunity to listen to fresh experiences from overseas researchers in real time. The number of people that can register to the Web conference is limited, so please apply as soon as possible.


Date   : February 10th (Wednesday), from 10:00 to 10:30

Venue  :You can listen to it on your own PC.

Target :Member of JSME

Number of participants: 30

Participation fee: Free


Lecturer: Dr. Kazuki Maeda

(Research Associate, Center for Turbulence Research, Stanford University)


-Lecture on research introductions, background of overseas research, and funding.(15 min)

-Question-and-answer (15-min)

Language: Japanese



  • A terminal that can use WebEX (PC, tablet terminal, smartphone, etc.) is required for the audit. Please try to see if it is available in advance from the link below.

  • Participants will be notified by e-mail about account information etc. by the previous day.
  • Due to the web conference system, it may be difficult to attend depending on the communication status. Please be forewarned.


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