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Symposium for International Students (10th September 2018)

Symposium for International Students
Special program for International Students

-Be a Global Engineer. Don’t miss the chance!!-


Date : 10th, September, 2018(Mon) 12:00~14:00 Venue : Room 4003, Building 4, Faculty of Engineering Science, Senriyama Campus, Kansai University

Registration fee : FREE (Lunch (Halal) will be provided, )

Registration :

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  1. Welcome speech

Prof. Katsuko Furukawa, Chair, International Union of JSME

(The University of Tokyo)

Mr. Katsumasa Nakai

(Division of International Affairs, Kansai University)

  1. Keynote Speech:

1) SMEs in Osaka: Competitive Manufacturing Industries and Your Career Opportunities

Takumi Hirai (Mukogawa Women’s University)

2) From French Engineer to Japanese Entrepreneur

Laurent Safa (Alldonet Co., Ltd.)

  1. Case Study – Talk & Discussions

1) Study on the Friction Characteristics of Wheel/Rail in Railway System

Hua Chen (Railway Technical Research Institute)

2) Novel Applications of Ion Sputtering in Medical Engineering and Subtractive Manufacturing

Alexey Remnev (ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.)


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