Small Once-through Steam Boiler Type ZP

The small once-through boiler Type ZP manufactured by ‘Miura Seisakusho’ Co., Ltd. (currently MIURA CO., LTD.) was completed in 1959. The boiler can be easily handled even if no boiler engineer is assigned. In addition, the use was expanded to many shops and small and medium enterprises that could not use boiler-generated steam for the following reasons: the footprint is smaller than conventional boilers; the vessel structure of the unique Z-shaped water tube contributes to significantly small heat dissipation from the boiler both in operation and not in operating at night, thereby securing energy-saving effects; and operations are smooth, while costs are low, because water feeding and combustion are performed under automatic control.

Off exhibition (in principle)

MIURA CO., LTD. (* Off exhibition in principle; see URL below for details.)

7 Horie-cho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime 799-2696

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