Recognition of Mechanical Engineering Heritage is important for us in realizing how science and technology has impacted our society.

In the Mechanical Engineering Heritage, we can see the history of the dream realizing efforts of engineers. We should not see the past in the heritage but have a grand dream of the future to be realized.

The JSME looks beyond and contributes further to advancement of science and technology in order to make out dreams tangible and weave the future.

機械遺産 Mechanical Engineering Heritage

About "Mechanical Engineering Heritage"

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME) celebrated the 110th anniversary of its founding in June 2007.
As part of its commemorative activities, JSME decided to start the designation of items of historically significant achievements in machine technology with the aim of preserving and passing them on to the next generation for posterity.

JSME will continue to emphasize the importance of mechanical engineering heritage through this program. We invite you to explore this website and see these achievements in mechanical engineering for yourself. Additionally, we would like to ask for your continued consideration and support for the future of the mechanical engineering heritage certification program.

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)