September 2001
"UGOKASU" --actuate, manipulate, run, work, move, transfer...

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special topic

  • Financial Trading -Solution to Adovanced Risk Management by Financial Engineering and Modelling Technology-
  • Kiyotaka TANIGUCHI
  • Leaser Trappong of a Microscopic Object / HP
  • Junishi IKENO
  • Bacterial Motility and Flagellar Motors
  • Megumi NISHITOBA,
    Seishi KUDO
  • How to Actuate Micromechanisms
  • Takashi YASUDA
  • Ultrasonic Levitation and Its Application
  • Electrostatic Suspension and Drive / HP
  • Toshiro HIGUCHI
  • Friction Characteristic and Ultra-precision Positining / HP
  • Kaiji SATOU
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing Motor for Hard Disk Drives
  • Tokio TAGO
  • Intelligence of Material Handling System
  • Hidenori TAKANO
  • Rocket Engine Working with Electric Energy -Ion Engine-
  • Shoji KITAMURA
  • The Root of Home-Robot : "Tea-Serving Dollh/ HP
  • Yoshikazu SUEMATSU
  • Holonomic Omni-Directional Vehicle / HP
  • Shigeo HIROSE
  • How to Make a Biped Robot Walk
  • Movable Seating System for Theater and Hall
  • Shinpei GOTOU