March 2005

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Special Topic

  • Prologue
  • Chisachi KATO
  • Message from the President of JSME -Toward the Influential Technology in the Society

    ĦMassages from Companies

  • The Message to the Students Specializing in Mechanical Engineering
  • Kazuo TSUKUDA
  • The Message for Students of Mechanical Engineering
  • Jun-ichi HAMANAKA
  • The Possibility in the Future Exceeds Your Expectation
  • Minoru SHINOHARA
  • œ
  • HP Youichi TAKAMOTO
  • Energy Service Provider
  • Sentaro MIURA
  • Ambitious Japan
  • Shuichi OKUHARA

    ĦMassages from Educational Institution

  • What Should You Acquire at University ?
  • Sunao KAWAI
  • Be a Resilient Individual !
  • HP Hideo OHASHI
  • Academic Degrees for Engineers
  • Masao TANAKA

    ĦMassages from Engineers and Researchers

  • Harmony of Technology
  • Yuko OSHIMA
  • Pleasure of Manufacturing -My Target Image of Top Mechanical Engineer-
  • Reiko UENAKA
  • The Guide to Success in R&D Projects
  • Yoshito TSUKAMOTO

    ĦMovement of the Mechanical Engineering

  • Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Generated from Alchol
  • HP Shigeo MARUYAMA
  • Discovery of Shadow -Toward a Co-existing Communication-
  • Yoshiyuki MIWA

    ĦMassages from JSME

  • Message to Engineers -Principlr of Enginnering-
  • Takeshi OWA
  • Promotion of Women's Activities in JSME -Ladies' Association of JSME-
  • Marie OSHIMA
  • Message from Former Mecha-Life Edit Chairman `Recommendation of Career Design`
  • Hiroshi ISHII
  • A Letter from a Graduate of the MECHALIFE
  • Yasunori KANAORI
  • œ
  • Akari IWAMATSU

    ĦFrom the Viewpoint of Engineers' License

  • Message from Engineer Trying to be "Professional Engineer" -Recommendation for Taking a Qualification of Professional Engineer-
  • HP Yasuhiro TAKARAYAMA
  • Mission of Engineer and Professional Engineer
  • Katsuyuki NAKAYAMA


  • Masayuki Okano
  • PDF Syunsuke Yamada et. al.


  • car
  • PDF Student members of editorial board


  • Flag Ship Mill "KIMITSU"
    `Iron Manufacturing Center of Kimitsu`
  • PDF Syunta Yagi et. al.

Letters from Student Meeting

  • Meeting at Kyusyu District
  • Kouju Hiraki and Syuji Egawa
  • From the 42nd nation-wide training party of Students
  • Masayuki Sako


  • Naoko Mizuma