June 2009

It warms, and it cools it.




Feature article

The technology of the Energy Conservation of the Refrigerator
History of Domestic Air Conditioner
Room Air Conditioner for Energy-Efficient Houses
Cooling Technology Achieving Thin LCD TV
Sefety and Usefulness of Gas Cookers|Gas Cookers with the Si Sensor
Indoor Thermal Comfort in Cold Climate Regions
Snow-Melting System using Geothermal and Solar Heat
Conservation of Energy by Current of Air Control
  \Swirling Induction Type HVAC System\
Solar Radiation Control by Switchable Mirror Glass
Utilization of Natural Ventilation in Buildings
What? Window Glass is Heat Generating !? How to Heat Generating & Where to be Used
Development of High Efficiency Thermal Energy Transport System
Microbubble Enhanced HIFU for Cancer Treatment
Epilepsy Therapy using Focal Cooling System for Termination of Neocortical Seizure
Thermal Effect by Stone Plate Sauna to Human Body
Disposable Warmer
Development of Contrable Cooling and Heating Wear
Thermal Protection Mechanisms for Atmospheric Re-entry Vehicles
CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater gEco Cuteh
Laser Cooling of Atoms
For Health Care by Taking the Body Temperature

International student communication

Please come in to France.  PDF Prou Joris

The Mecha-land

Electric guitar PDF Aya MECHALIFE edit committee


Tokyo International Airport(Haneda) D glide slope construction work PDF Kentaro AKIMOTO
Touru IAI
Hiromasa UENO
Sayuri GOTO

The student association it

"World of mechanism life" exhibition report in 2008 fiscal year (Hokkaido student association) PDF Masahiro SAKAI
Robot programming contest (Kyushu student association) PDF Nobuhiro USHIMI

Editor's note

Yoshiyuki TAGAWA