June 2011

Change the way of thinking



Change the way of thinking Satoshi KISHIMOTO

Special feature article

Wheelchair with Centerless MechanismgCENTAURSh Yasushi MATSUDA
The Biped Robot gRADIANh like Wheel
\the Breakthrough in the KOSEN Robocon\
Katsuaki SUZUKI
Development of Train on Train System Tadashi INABA
Jack Down Building Demolition Method
\KC&DiThe Kajima Cut and TakeDown Methodj\
Apple Skin Peeling Method Ryuichi SEKIYA
SPR Method Renewed Pipe Without Digging up Pipeline Mitsuhiko WATANABE
Smart Vortex Generator Tadashige IKEDA
Railway Electric Vehicles without Catenary Masamichi OGASA
Development of Corrugated Board Duct  gCORRU-AIRDUCTh Hiromu IKEDA
Development of Supersized Electric Double Injection Molding Machine with Rotary PlatenuemR seriesv Ryoji OKABE
James Fergusonfs Mechanical Paradox, Never Paradoxical from Other Viewpoint Hitoshi MAEKAWA
Innovation to New Die-casting System Using Low-pressure Process Yuji SAKAKIBARA
Development of Long Life Drill for CFRP
\SelfiAutojRegrind Diamond Coating R DRILL\
Manabu SAITO
The Drilling Technology for CFRP by Using a Gyro-Driving Grinding Wheel System Kunio TAKEKOSHI
Development of Brand-new Portable Earthquake Simulator Using Holonomic Omni-directional Platform Minoru YOSHIDA
Train-Draft-Cooling Power Converters for the SHINKANSEN High-Speed-Train Hirokazu KATO
Steam-less IH Rice Cooker Masashi OSADA
A Camera with Built-in Projector Takao GOTO
Residential SOFC Cogeneration System Shigeru ANDO

International student communication

My Study Abroad Experience in the University of Tsukuba and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology PDF Evgeni Magid


The University of Tokyo cosmic rays laboratory Kamioka space elementary particle research facilities

The student association it

Activity of Tokai student association PDF Masahiro SUETSUGU
Activity of Hokkaido student association PDF Yasuhiro OSAFUNE

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