Final Camera-ready Manuscript Submission

To submit your final camera-ready manuscript, you just login the manuscript submission site by your account and replace your old version with revised version.

Final Manuscript Submission Site (now open again utill July 31)

See also: Instruction to embed fonts in PDF file.

Camera-ready Manuscript Submission

The link to first submit for camera ready manuscript is announced via e-mail to the corresponding author.

Below link is to modify the manuscript information. Login code is acquired after the submission of the camera-ready manuscript.

Modify Information and Final Manuscript Submission Site (open utill June 7)
Submission Site is closed.

Login code for above site will be assigned by the first submission site notified by email.
At first, please access the first submission page.

Camera-ready Manuscript

Download: Camera-ready format

For camera-ready manuscript, please download the format (in Microsoft Word 97-2003 format) from the link above.

Abstract Submission

Download: Abstract submission form LEM21 2021

For abstract submission, please download the form (in Microsoft Excel 97-2003 format) from the link above, fill it out, and submit it by e-mail to: (LEM21 Program Committee)

The submission deadline is extended to . The abstract submission form contains the following information to be filled out (please note that the form contains three sheets):

  1. organized session in which the authors prefer to present (please see the submission form)
  2. title of the paper,
  3. names and affiliations of the corresponding author
  4. E-mail address,
  5. phone and facsimile numbers,
  6. postal address of the corresponding author,
  7. the journal to which the authors prefer to submit, if the paper is recommended by the conference committee (see Call for papers),
  8. name, title, affiliation, and role (corresponding author, speaker, co-author) of all the co-authors
  9. birthday of the first author (needed for the nomination for the awards)
  10. abstract of the paper -- about 400 words in English. Concise statement of objectives and clear conclusions of the findings.
  11. key words (about five, in English)