We are honored to announce the publication of the journal "Mechanical Engineering Letters", which is an international journal of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME). The journal is one of four new JSME journals published under the title "Bulletin of JSME", which are "Mechanical Engineering Reviews", "Mechanical Engineering Journal", "Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)", and "Mechanical Engineering Letters".

  Many, many experimental and analytical results have been piled up on engineers' desks and in their electronic data storages. Fruitful ideas and drawings have been growing in their brains and/or notebooks. However, only a small number of such results, ideas and drawings have been organized and published, and the remainder have been put aside. Someday, another engineer will publish a similar result, idea or drawing, and the original engineer will regret not having published it earlier in a suitable publication that accommodates relatively short manuscripts and a rapid review service. Therefore, we decided to provide "Mechanical Engineering Letters" for ambitious mechanical engineers. The publication of such a letter journal is not only a new experience but also a tremendous challenge for the mechanical engineering society.

  The field is categorized into the following twelve categories: Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering; Fluid Engineering; Thermal, Engine and Power Engineering; Dynamics & Control, Robotics & Mechatronics; Micro/Nano Science and Technology; Computational Mechanics; Design, Systems, and Manufacturing; Bio, Medical, Sports and Human Engineering; Environmental and Process Engineering, Safety; Transportation and Logistics; Space Engineering; and Law, History, Education and Management Engineering. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed fairly and rapidly using the online editorial managing system of the JSME. After the peer-review process, the papers comprising "Mechanical Engineering Letters" will be available for free at the website of J-Stage (the Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic), which is publicly available. We have organized a great number of able editors, and constructed a rapid review process that can be completed within 1 week to 1 month. "Mechanical Engineering Letters" will be published immediately after final editing is complete.

  "Mechanical Engineering Letters" will provide opportunities to gain and present authentic and insightful scientific and technological information on the latest advances in mechanical engineering. We are looking forward to your submission to "Mechanical Engineering Letters".

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