We are honored to announce the publication of the journal of “Mechanical Engineering Reviews” which is an international review journal of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME). The journal is one of four new JSME journals published under the title "Bulletin of JSME", which are "Mechanical Engineering Reviews", "Mechanical Engineering Journal", "Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)", and "Mechanical Engineering Letters".

  Mechanical engineers are responsible for providing concrete strategies for advanced technologies supporting a high quality of life and ensuring safety using fundamental dynamics modified from natural physics while simultaneously having to consider the cost of production, limited resources, and environmental sustainability. In addition, current research is becoming more multi-disciplinary and sometimes interdisciplinary, and the field has expanded into a broad spectrum from atomic-scale and nano / micro-scale research to practical and megascopic research. To provide with the aim of providing a direction of research to mechanical engineers in each field, we will publish “Mechanical Engineering Reviews” as a comprehensive journal of mechanical engineering. The research field is categorized into the following twelve categories: Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering; Fluids Engineering; Thermal, Engine and Power Engineering; Dynamics & Control, Robotics & Mechatronics; Micro/Nano Science and Technology; Computational Mechanics; Design, Systems, and Manufacturing; Bio, Medical, Sports and Human Engineering; Environmental and Process Engineering, Safety; Transportation and Logistics; Space Engineering; and Law, History, Education and Management Engineering.We anticipate that papers on the above topics will trigger new ideas for practical products and inspire new concepts to assist mechanical engineers attempting to develop new fields.

  “Mechanical Engineering Reviews” will be published twice a year, initially in January and July. The review process is supported by editorial board members who are pioneers in each field. We intend to continuously publish high-quality review papers reflecting the latest research topics in all fields of mechanical engineering. To foster positive discussion among engineers, we encourage critical comments on our articles and on the above twelve categories covered in “Mechanical Engineering Reviews”.

Katsunori HANAMURA
Mechanical Engineering Reviews

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