Time Table

◆ 1A1 May 27 9:30−11:00
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Robotics and Mechatronics in Agriculture
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Robotics and Mechatronics in Construction and Demolition
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Cleaning robot
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Robots for Works
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Manufacturing System and Manufacturing Machinery Mechatronics
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Mechatronics for Ecology System
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Developing Intelligent Technology for Next-Generation Robots
 【RoboMech Fundamentals】 Cooperation Control of Multi Robots
 【RoboMech Fundamentals】 Robot Hand Mechanism and Grasping Strategy
 【RoboMech Fundamentals】 Multi-agent Robots/Modular Robots
 【RoboMech Fundamentals】 New Control Theory and Motion Control
 【RoboMech Fundamentals】 Evolution and Learning for Robotics

◆ 1A2 May 27 11:30−13:00
 【RoboMech for Application system】 Robotics & Mechatronics in Hyper Environment
 【RoboMech in Field】 Robotics for Hazardous Fields
 【RoboMech in Field】 Search and Rescue Robot and Mechatronics
 【RoboMech in Field】 Space Robotics and Mechatronics
 【RoboMech in Field】 Aerial Robot and Mechatronics
 【RoboMech in Field】 Underwater Robot and Mechatronics
 【RoboMech in Field】 ITS and Robot Technology
 【Nano/Micro Robotics & Mechatronics】 MEMS and Nano-Technology
 【Nano/Micro Robotics & Mechatronics】 Nano/Micro Manipulation System
 【Nano/Micro Robotics & Mechatronics】 Nano/Micro Fluid System
 【Nano/Micro Robotics & Mechatronics】 Nano/Micro Bio System
 【Nano/Micro Robotics & Mechatronics】 Microrobot & Micromachine

◆ 1P1 May 27 14:00−15:30
 【Human-Robot Coordination】 VR and Interface
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Biorobotics
 【Mobile Robot System】 Wheeled Robot
 【Mobile Robot System】 Vision System for Mobile Robot
 【Mobile Robot System】 Mobile Manipulation Robot
 【Sensing and Perception】 Haptic Interface
 【Sensing and Perception】 Non-contact Sensing
 【Sensing and Perception】 3D Measurement/Sensor Fusion
 【Special OS】 Robotics & Mechatronics technology and Cooperation with industry in Okayama
 【Joint Session of JSME departments】 Dynamics & Designe of Robotsystem

◆ 2A1 May 28 9:30−11:00
 【Human-Robot Coordination】 Robotics with Safety and Reliability
 【Human-Robot Coordination】 Cooperation between Human and Machine
 【Human-Robot Coordination】 Communication Robot
 【Human-Robot Coordination】 Wearable Robotics
 【Human-Robot Coordination】 Robots for Home/Office Application
 【Human-Robot Coordination】 Robots for Amusement and Entertainment
 【RoboMech for Mechanism & Control】 Parallel Robot/Mechanisms and its Control
 【RoboMech for Mechanism & Control】 Flexible Robot/Mechanism and its Control
 【RoboMech for Mechanism & Control】 Mechanism and Control for Wire Actuation System
 【RoboMech for Mechanism & Control】 Environmentally-Adapted Mechanism and Control
 【Sensing and Perception】 Robot Vision
 【Sensing and Perception】 Localization and Mapping
 【Joint Session of JSME departments】 Robotics in the automotive

◆ 2A2 May 28 11:30−13:00
 【RoboMech Fundamentals】 Mechanism and Control for Actuator
 【Mobile Robot System】 Walking Robot
 【Mobile Robot System】 Passive Walking Robot
 【Mobile Robot System】 Mobile Robot with Special Mechanism
 【Sensing and Perception】 Tactile and Force Sensing(1)
 【Educations using RoboMech】 Manufacturing Education and Mechatronics/Enjoy Mechatronics DIY
 【Educations using RoboMech】 RoboCup and Robot Contest
 【Educations using RoboMech】 Education through Robot Contest

◆ 2P1 May 28 14:00−15:30
 【RoboMech in Medical & Welfare Fields】 Medical Robotics and Mechatronics
 【RoboMech in Medical & Welfare Fields】 Welfare Robotics and Mechatronics(1)
 【RoboMech in Medical & Welfare Fields】 Universal Design & Robot Therapy
 【Environment for Robomech】 Network Robotics
 【Environment for Robomech】 Intelligent and Robotic Room
 【Environment for Robomech】 Integrating Ambient Intelligence
 【Environment for Robomech】 RT Middleware and Open System
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Bio-Mimetics and Bio-Mechatronics
 【Sensing and Perception】 Tactile and Force Sensing(2)
 【Special OS】 Biosignal & Robotics Mechatronics

◆ 2P2 May 28 16:00−17:30
 【RoboMech in Medical & Welfare Fields】 Surgical Robotics and Mechatronics
 【RoboMech in Medical & Welfare Fields】 Welfare Robotics and Mechatronics(2)
 【RoboMech in Medical & Welfare Fields】 Rehabilitation Robotics and Mechatronics
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Humanoid
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Digital Human
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Neurorobotics & Cognitive Robotics
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Mobiligence
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Sense, Motion and Measurement
 【Human Centered & Biomimetics of RoboMech】 Informative Motion & Motion Media
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