Participant Registration

Participants WITH Presentations

1. By January 21, 2011, please visit the the Presentation Registration Page to provide the information on the paper you are planning to submit (title, authors, abstract, etc.).

2. Next, the registartion form (PDF) (MS-Excel template is here) must be filled out completely and filed with Kinki Nippon Tourist Okayama Co.,Ltd. by fax or e-mail.

3. Then we will send you an ID and a password to access the Paper Submission Page.
※ Required login information for paper submission is following 4 items:

the confirmation e-mailfrom the secretariat of Robomec 2011from Kinki Nippon Tourist Okayama Co.,Ltd.
ID NumberPresentation Registration ID NumberParticipating Registration ID Number
PasswordPassword 1Password 2

4. By March 5, 2011, please upload your paper from the Paper Submission Page.

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