The Robotics and Mechatronics Conference 2013 in Tsukuba
sponsored by Robotics and Mechatronics Division, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

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Contact Us

Contact Us

For general inquiries regarding the conference in addition to feedback, suggestions, and ideas about ROBOMEC2013 website, please contact:

Robomec2013 Organizing Committee
E-mail : robomec2013qa-ml[at]aist.go.jp
(Please replace [at] with @.)
Intelligent Robot Laboratory, University of Tsukuba
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Japan

Inquiries about technical program

Robomec2012 Program Committee
Program Chair : Hiromi Mochiyama (Univ. Tsukuba)
Program Co-Chair : Naoyuki Takei (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)

Email: rm2013pc-ml[at]ml.tmu.ac.jp
(Please replace [at] with @.)





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ROBOMEC2013 | The Robotics and Mechatronics Conference 2013, Tsukuba, Japan