Introduction of JSME Tohoku Branch

The JSME Tohoku branch was set up in 1965. It consists of 1292 regular members, 76 associate members, 369 student members, and 369 special members from 6 prefectures of Tohoku region, Japan (August, 2004). A general assembly and a spring meeting, an autumn meeting, special lectures and technology meeting are held every year.

In the Tohoku region, the industries, governments, and academic societies work together forming "Intelligent Cosmos Research Institute" and "Venture Land Act". In concert with this movement, and to stimulate the branch activity, the JSME Tohoku Branch established a technology award, given to an outstanding achievement of a research or a development by a team of members who belong to various fields within the Tohoku region.

Students' Association, set up in 1971, currently consists of 16 member schools. A graduation theses presentation meeting is held each year. Their activities include the publication of an annual organ "Compass", organizing observation tours and exchange meetings among the member schools.