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Diffusion of Innovations and Their Forming Process within a Social System


Faculty of International Communication
Siebold University of Nagasaki

This study aims to investigate the diffusion process of innovations into a social system. Innovations change their aspects while they diffuse into it. Various social groups interact with each other to promote or prevent the diffusion of innovations, using various communications channels. In addition, due to the rapid progress of communications technologies on the whole, communications channels themselves are said to become innumerable, which affect the diffusion process of innovations that should be formed while they diffuse into the social system. Firstly, this paper develops the diffusion process of an innovation that is formed while it diffuses within a social system, mentioning the interaction between various social groups. Secondly the author reconstructs the innovation diffusion process, and finally discusses the relationship between the critical mass and dominant design.

Key Words:Innovation Diffusion Process, Social System, Critical Mass, Dominant Design