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Historical Development of Revolving Stages of Theaters Invented in Japan
- Improvement by Adoption of European Culture -

Uzuhiko TSUBOI*

*Koyo Seiko Co.,Ltd,No.5-8,Minamisemba 3-chome,Chuo-ku,Osaka 542-8502,Japan

Japanese original stages were created through a fusion of performing arts and carpentry technology and skills. The roots of revolving stages can be traced to Japan.
A study of the mechanisms of a few such wooden revolving stages was carried out, and a brief history of the progression of these stages from their beginnings through modern times has been compiled. After the concepts and technology of revolving stages originating in Japan had spread to Western nations, Japan in turn learned from the mechanical civilizations of the West after the Industrial Revolution and applied this knowledge to the further development of revolving stages. During the course of studying the historical progression of revolving stage mechanisms, the author also investigated the history of related technology transfers and interchanges between Japan and the West.

Key Words: History of Performing Arts, Kabuki, Historical Development of Roller Bearings, Slewing Rim Bearing System, Revolving Stages of Theaters, Important Cultural Property, Technology Transfer and Interchange