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Technical Tour (2/2)
(October 21st, 2002, Kyoto city)

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Listening to the explanation about the roof repair

A big roof is built first, and a repair is performed under the roof.

Observation of the roof repair site

Same as the left

Pieces of wood used for the roof repair

Observation of a craftsman's roof repairing work

Same as the left

Same as the left

Same as the left

Listening to the explanation about the repairing work, i.e., striking a nail, by a craftsman

Removed Onigawara roof tiles

Removed roof tiles (the site of origin is unknown)

Listening to the explanation about the future roofing over work

A lot of removed roof tiles

In the indoor repairing spot
(Sorry that the flash of a camera was not enough.)

Photos by Keisuke Yoshida<keisuke@mech.kyushu-u.ac.jp>