Sponsor Lunch Session

Students' Poster Session

in conjuction with
KSME-JSME Joint Symposium on Computational Mechanics & CAE 2015

organized and sponsored by
Altair Engineering Ltd.

The excellent poster presenter(s) will be awarded the Altair Engineering Award

[1] Parametric Study of Flapping Motion of Deformable Wing by Partitioned FSI Method
Hong Giwon (The University of Tokyo)
[2] Stabilization for Origin-Destination Estimation in Traffic Simulation
Kazuki Abe (The University of Tokyo)
[3] Material strength evaluation of spinodally decomposed Fe-Cr alloys
Takuya Suzuki (Tokyo University of Science)
[4] Influence of Elastic Anisotropy on Flow Stress of Polycrystalline Metals: A Dislocation Dynamics Study
Yuya Suzuki (Tokyo University of Science)
[5] Large deformation elasto-plastic finite element analysis with remeshing using material points for deformation history storage
Kohmei Satoh (Tokyo University of Science)
[6] Development of oral implant surgery training simulator with drilling force sensing capability and its use in PBL class at dental college
Mohammad Aimaduddin Atiq bin Kamisan (Keio University)
[7] Probabilistic homogenization and sensitivity analysis for robust design of balloon porous material
Kosho Kamijo (Keio University)
[8] Multiscale simulation of thermal residual stress of CFRP laminates based on a thermoelastoviscoplastic homogenization theory
Jin Toyomura (Unviersity of Tsukuba)
[9] Contact Modeling of MAV Wing Clapping
Yuto Otoguro (Waseda University)
[10] Zero-Stress State Estimation in Structural Mechanics Modeling of a Human Aorta with NURBS Representation
Takafumi Sasaki (Waseda University)
[11] FSI Analysis of Spacecraft Parachutes
Narumi Toh (Waseda University)
[12] Computational Analysis of Flow-Driven String Dynamics in Turbomachinery
Hitoshi Hattori (Waseda University)
[13] ST-VMS Computational Analysis of Vertical-Axis Wind-Turbine Aerodynamics
Hiroki Mochizuki (Waseda University)
[14] Structural and Fluid Mechanics Analysis of a Disk-Gap-Band Parachute at Mach 2
Taro Kanai (Waseda University)
[15] Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of a Ram-Air Parachute
Takuya Terahara (Waseda University)
[16] Computational Thermo-Fluid Analysis in Thermal-Stress Prediction for a Disk Brake
Takashi Kuraishi (Waseda University)