High-Frequency Generator

Yosami Radio Transmitting Station is a low-frequency wave transmission station that was constructed in 1929 for wireless telecommunications to Europe for the first time in Japan. The transmission equipment was manufactured by Telefunken and AEG in Germany, and the core technology is the high-frequency generator. Among highfrequency generators, the Alexanderson-type one made in the United States is popularly known. The one used in Yosami Transmitting Station was designed by Telefunken and manufactured by AEG. Disassembly and investigation of the internal parts were conducted in March 2006. The generator was assumed to be an inductortype high-frequency generator based on the patent of a German engineer Goldschmidt. The generator produced high frequencies with the following specifications: output, 500 kW, 5.814 KHz at a rotation speed of 1,360 rpm. The total weight of the generator is about 38 tons, making it the world’s largest high-frequency generator for telecommunications.

On exhibition

Yosami Radio Transmitting Station Memorial Museum

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Mondays (the following day if falling on a holiday), year-end/New Year’s holidays
Floral Garden Yosami, 2-1 Ishiyama, Takasu-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-0812
About 7 mins. by taxi from south exit of Kariya Sta.
About 30 mins. by Kariya city public facilities communication bus (free) for Ogakie Sta. from south exit of Kariya Sta.

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