Green Sand Molding Machine Type C-11

This is Japan’s first green sand molding machine. It was manufactured in 1927 by ‘Chotaro Kubota’ of Kubota Chuzousho (currently Sintokogio Co., Ltd.) in Nagoya. Kubota developed the machine in his own right by using a machine made in the United States as the model. The mechanization of foundries in Japan started with this machine. It is a general-purpose green sand molding machine for small pieces and is capable of performing a series of processes, including manufacturing of lower and upper molds and stripping work. The appearance of the machine contributed to the development of the machinery industry, including textile machinery and automobiles, which require a large quantity of molded parts, and technology education in Japan.

Off exhibition (in principle)

Toyokawa Works Showroom Sintokogio, Co. Ltd.

3-1 Honohara, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi 442-8505

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