September 2002
"Challenge to the Limit."

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special topic

  • Recent Development and Future of Magnetic Recording / HP
  • Kiyoshi YAMAKAWA
  • Ultraprecision Head-positioning Technology for Hard Disk Drive
  • Takashi YAMAGUCHI
  • Thermal Management of Portable Computers
  • Masaru ISHIZUKA
  • Make the Display Thinner / HP
  • Yasuhisa ITOH,
    Noriko WATANABE
  • Instant Build-up of Ultra-Clean Faciility for Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Tadahiro OHMI,
    Hideo HANAOKA
  • Efficient Energy Utilization by Chemical Cycle
  • Hiroyuki HATANO
  • High-Temperature Air Combustion Technology
  • Hideaki KOBAYASHI
  • Challenge to the Ultra Grain-Refinement of Steel
  • Shuji AIHARA
  • Challenge to Microscopic Materials Evaluation
    -Development of Mechanical Testing for Micro-sized Materials- / HP
  • Yakichi HIGO
  • Precision Measurement of Length, Challengo to Nano-meter Measurement
  • Morimasa UEDA
  • Nano-technology for Molecular Machining
  • Masao WASHIZU
  • Process Technology for Bearing Balls
    -An Approach to Zero Deviation from Spherical Form-
  • Masami SHINOMOTO
  • Estimation of Emotional State by EEG and its Limitation / HP
  • Toshimitsu MUSHA
  • Challenge to Visualization Ultra Highspeed Events
  • Hiroyasu SASAKI
  • A Challenge to Detect Graviational Waves / HP
  • Kazuaki KURODA
  • Drilling Technology/How Deep Can We go?
  • Hiromitsu YAMAMOTO
  • Semi-active Oil Damper for Structural Control
  • Jun TAGAMI,
    Haruhiko KURINO
  • What is Ultra Pure Water? How to Make Up?
  • Atsushi NUNOME
  • Maximum Lift for Airplane -Application of Dynamic Lift-
  • Mitsuo ISHIGURO