December 2002
"Prediction and Presumption"

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special topic

  • Adovanced Forecasting Model for Cedar Pollen / HP
  • Motoo SUZUKI
  • Prediction of Global Warming
  • Takeo S. SAITO
  • The Ages of the Universe and the Earth
  • Kunitomo SAKURAI
  • Alerting of Earthquakes
  • Yukio FUJINAWA
  • Prediction of Human Life in 100 Years
  • MIWA Shuzo
  • Predicting Future Japanese Faces
  • Hiroshi HARASHIMA
  • Archaeology and Dating
  • Genzo ITO
  • Numerical Simulation for Strength Evaluation
  • Toshio NAGASHIMA
  • What Can be Done? CFD -Challenge to Realistic Problems-
  • Masayuki KAIHO
  • Prediction of Noise and Vibration
    -Present State of NVH Simulation in the Automotive Industry-
  • Nobuo AIZAWA
  • Traffic Flow Prediction in an Urban Road Network
  • Motohiro FUJITA
  • Brake Assist (with Preview Function) / HP1HP2
  • Masahiko TABE
  • Analysis of a Traffic Accident by Examining Skid and Yaw Marks Left by Tires
  • Shunichi YAMAZAKI
  • Knowledge Discovery by Model-based Prediction Approach / HP
  • Tomoyuki HIGUCHI
  • Model Predictive Contorol :
    On the Way How the Prediction of the Future is Used for the Control
  • Shiro MASUDA
  • Predictive Diagnosis for Failure of Machinery using Acoustic Emission Technique
  • Takeo YOSHIOKA
  • A Short-term Rainfall Forecast System using the Radar Data
  • Nobuaki HIRAMATSU