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About M&M

What is Materials and Mechanics (M&M) Division?

The Materials and Mechanics Division of JSME serves the requisite basic academic fields of the mechanical engineering; “Mechanics of Materials and Strength of Materials”. Through the “design” of industrial products, the achievements of the Division have been providing their “structural integrity” to assure “safety and security”, and also much supporting to their “maintenance engineering”. The Division aims to contribute to the highly advanced Japanese industrial development and the consequent mankind happiness of globalized society by these scientific research activities and technological developments.

In recent years, the Division extends toward the various fields such as the extremely minimized structure science consisting of nano- and micro-scaled components, biomechancis with open system for the living body and so on. It has also being pushing the academic integration from the viewpoints of multi-scale and multi-physics modelings.

Management Policy

The management policy of the Division is decided with the division head, the vice-division head, the secretary and the extended steering committee composed by some technical committees and research committees. And the division head has come to be selected alternately by the academic-side and the industrial-side from the 89th term to make the mutual cooperations and communications firmer.