Aims of Manufacturing and
Machine Tool Division

Manufacturing and Machine Tool Division Specializing in the Science of Monozukuri (Manufacturing)

Monozukuri (manufacturing/making products) is a creative ability found in all. Humankind has always found joy and hope in creating new and good things. It is no exaggeration to say that our society and culture have progressed with Monozukuri. The cars that we drive everyday and the PCs that we use to browse the Internet or send emails are all the fruit of the creative act that is Monozukuri.

Production machining and machine tool engineering are a science of Monozukuri which studies how materials can be changed for a certain purpose. The Manufacturing and Machine Tool Division of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers serves as a venue for engineers and researchers of Monozukuri to interchange. Our research and information exchange focus on such Monozukuri methods as cutting, grinding, abrasive machining, plastic forming, EDM, etc. Currently the Division has 4,157 members comprising of mechanical engineers from universities, companies, research institutes, etc. who actively participate in seminars and conferences organized by the Division to deepen exchange on research and technology.

Production Machining and Machine Tool Engineering

In the Monozukuri scene, products can be manufactured efficiently only with the cooperation between humans and machine tools. It is thus vital for the respective machine tools to machine according to the design drawings of products. How can this be realized and ensured?

Importance of Knowing Materials, Tools, and Machine Tools Well

The machining method that best fits the product or part to be built differs depending on the combination of the materials, tools, and machine tools used. Adequate knowledge of the characteristics of each one is indispensable for this. The research areas covered by the Manufacturing and Machine Tool Division include not only independent investigations on the respective characteristics, but also studies on phenomena occurring during machining according to the different combinations of materials, tools, and machine tools.