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2021/11/04 : The session program for OS02 Part2 has been updated.
2021/10/18 : The session program has been updated.
2021/09/08 : All presentations at the conference will be presented by remote manner.
2021/07/09 : Notification of paper acceptance was postponed again.
2021/06/25 : Notification of paper acceptance was postponed.
2021/06/08 : Camera-ready manuscripit submission site is closed.
2021/05/31 : URL of the first paper submission page is notified by email.
2021/05/31 : Deadline of camera-ready manuscript submission is extended.
2021/05/31 : Modify information and final submission page is open.
2021/05/21 : Since the regulations for publications at the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers meeting have changed, the paper submission system is being revised. For this reason, we will postpone the opening the system and extend the submission deadline by a few days.
2021/04/21 : Notification of tentative acceptance was postponed.
2021/03/31 : Deadline of paper applicaion with abstract is extended.
2021/03/26 : 2nd Call for Paper is posted up.
2021/03/26 : Program & conference style page is open.
2020/12/25 : Abstract submission page is open.


The conference style of LEM21 Kitakyushu has changed to take into account the situation of Covid-19.

All presentations at the conference will be presented in the on-line conference.

Important Dates

Deadline of paper application with abstract:
>>> Extended to:
Notification of tentative acceptance based on abstract:
Deadline of camera-ready manuscript submission:
>>> Extended to:
Notification of paper acceptance:
>>> New end date:
Deadline of final camera-ready manuscript:

Please contact LEM21 Kitakyushu Secretariat at for further information.


Publishing Style

Choosing your publishing style for double-posting issues
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers will allow you to choose whether or not to include your manuscript in J-Stage in order to deal with the double submission problem.

That is, it allows you to select:
A) Proceeding only. There is no web publication.
B) Proceeding and web publishing are also available.

Which one to choose will be supported by the system so that you can choose the publishing method when submitting the peer-reviewed camera-ready manuscript for paper review.

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