Paper Submission

Paper Submission


You cannot submit your papers until the following two procedures are complete.

Paper Submission Page (External Link)

  • Manuscript, data for conference digest and movie fiile must be submitted > the Paper submission page (External Link)
  • Required login information for paper submission is following 4 items:
    the confirmation e-mailfrom the secretariat of Robomec 2010from Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co.,Ltd.
    ID NumberPresentation Registration ID NumberParticipating Registration ID Number
    PasswordPasswor 1Passwor 2
  • 【On-line Paper Submission Closed】 The submission due date is March 19, 2010.

Instructions for Papers


  • Manuscripts will be published as DVD-ROM proceedings. Please follow the Sample Camera-ready Paper (pdf). (MS-Word template is here) Page number, paper number, conference name are edited by publisher, do not specify these information on the maniscript. Each manuscript must keep the following margins.
    Paper size A4, Top and Bottom margins 25 mm, Side margins 15 mm
  • Papers must be written either in Japanese or English. Typeface for papers must be Times New Roman. Papers should follow the ROBOMEC double-column format. The first page of the paper, centered on the top and just below the top margin, should include the paper title, the authors' names and their affiliations, e-mail address and an abstract. Abstract (100 - 150 words) must be written in English. Keywords follow the abstract, and put a circle before the name of presenter.
  • Each manuscript must be in 2 to 4 pages. Only PDF files can submit as the manuscript.
    Maximus size are followings.
  • In case of submitting only manuscript fileSize of the manuscript should be smaller than 2Mbytes
    In case of submitting both manuscript file and movie fileTotal size should be smaller than 4Mbytes
  • Confirm the following regulations of publishing the papers for Robomec. Papers submitted must be original, and previously unpublished. The responsibility for the contents of published articles rests solely with the authors and not the society.
    Copyright of the materials published in the DVD-ROM belongs to the JSME.
  • Manuscript, data for conference digest and movie fiile must be submitted through the Paper submission page.

Conference Digest

  • Conference digest will be published as a book. Brief outlines of the manuscript and a figure must be submitted from the upload page of the Robomec web site. In addition, Authors should provide a high-resolution image file for a digest book: at more than 350dpi; 55[mm] wide and 55 [mm] high; 760x760 pixel image. Figure file should be formatted in JPG style. Refer to this sample page.


  • Authors who registered to submit a movie at the participating registration are allowed to upload an MPG movie file (MPEG layer-1). The total size of the manuscript file and the movie file must be smaller than 4Mbytes.

Instructions for Posters

Poster Booth

  • A detailed information for the poster booth will come soon.

Lecture Time

  • The duration of each session is 90 minutes.
    Among the 90 minutes, former or latter 45 minutes are assigned as a core time for each presentation. During the core time, speakers are requested to make a presentation in front of their own poster.
  • The former 45 minutes in each session are assigned as a core time for presentations whose numbers are odd (e.g. 1A1-A1, see last digit of the number), while the latter 45 minutes are assigned as a core time for presentations whose numbers are even (e.g. 1A1-A2).
  • Speakers are requested to prepare their posters in the booth before the start of their session. It is possible to prepare the poster 30 minutes prior to the start of each session.
  • Speakers are requested to remove their posters at the end of their session as soon as possible.
    If a poster remains put up even 20 minutes after the end of the session, staff will remove it.


  • One power source (AC100 V, 2A [corrected, not 5A]) is available at each booth.
  • Please prepare extension cables or additional outlets if needed.
  • Please use any equipment for demonstration such as computers and robots at your own risk. Please avoid using any equipment that might cause problems such as noise and hazard.


  • Please refrain from sending a poster or an equipment for demonstration to the venue.