Zipper chain machine (YKK-CM6)

Tadao Yoshida, the founder of YKK, uniquely developed a mechanism in 1953 that connects engaging parts (zip teeth) to a fastener manufacturing machine (chain machine) in an intermittent manner and mounted the mechanism on a chain machine. The mechanism was a revolutionary invention at the time and became the No. 1 patent of YKK.

The machine was completely self-developed, out of the CM6 models manufactured in 1981, with manufacturing starting in 1964.  Performance of highest level in the world at that time was achieved, including a mechanism to punch zip teeth out of a flat square wire by using the punch and the die and mechanism to implant them intermittently.

The fasteners manufactured through the integrated manufacturing processes from materials to products with the originality and ingenuity stated above lead to high quality and low costs and, therefore, are used in various fields, including not only garments in modern life, but also for the purpose of making tunnels water-resistant and making spacesuits airtight, thereby contributing to the improvement of people’s lives and the development of various industries.

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