Ticket Vending Machine

The world’s first multi-function ticket vending machine was developed by the Vending Machine Division of Takamisawa Electric (currently Takamisawa Cybernetics) in 1962. The term ‘multi-function’ indicates that the machine has a printing mechanism, thereby enabling the vending of multiple types of ticket.

This machine, manufactured in 1969, is a model that was mass-produced based on the world’s first technology for multi-functions and is the oldest existing and operable multi-function ticket vending machine. The control unit consists of about 250 relays and the machine also features a unique mechanical coin processing machine. The machines were installed at EXPO Chuoguchi Station of Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway Co, Ltd. at the EXPO site in 1970 and were taken over by the present-day company and preserved in working condition.

The machine prompted the dissemination of ticket vending machine to stations, etc. of various railway companies thereafter and is a heritage that shows the originality and the excellence of machine technologies.

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Takamisawa Cybernetics Nagano 3rd factory (Engineering Bldg.)

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