The stainless steel railcars
(Tokyu 5200 EMU & 7000 EMU)

The Tokyu 5200 EMU is a railcar that used stainless steel for the exterior in 1958 for the first time in Japan, aiming to be maintenance-free by eliminating paint work. The preserved DEHA 5201 car is the No. 1 car of this type and played an experimental role for introducing the stainless-steel car.

The Tokyu 7000 Series car is Japan’s first all-stainless-steel car that was manufactured by Tokyu Car Corporation (currently Japan Transport Engineering Company) by adding its unique technologies, while they were introducing manufacturing technologies from the United States. The model DEHA 7052 manufactured in 1965 had been used for 34 years until it was retired from active service in 1999.

These railcars constitute the original models of domestic stainless-steel railcars that were disseminated as today’s commuter cars.

In the adjacent Yokohama Plant Heritage Hall, precious documents including car body completion drawings are preserved and are used as educational materials together with the preserved railcars.

Off exhibition (in principle)

Japan Transport Engineering Company

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