Ricopy101 (Desktop Copier)

The Ricopy 101 is Japan’s first portable diazo wet-type copying machine of the exposure-development integrated type which Riken Optical Industry Co., Ltd. (currently Ricoh Co., Ltd.) released in 1955. The use of diazo sensitized paper that was developed around the same time eliminated rinsing with water after development. This was a revolutionary office-use machine that realized water-free and odor-free exposure and development.

Original mechanisms are employed, including an exposure, burning and development device, a development roller that prevents wrinkles and curling of wet paper, and paper-feed rollers. Owing to its portable profile and easy operation, Ricopy 101 was rapidly disseminated. The number of units produced during ten years after the release exceeded 1 million, including successor machines, which played a pathfinding role in the streamlining/mechanization (office automation) of clerical work.

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Ricoh Technology Center

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