WASHLET G (Toilet Seat with Shower Unit)

WASHLET G is the first-generation toilet seat with a warm water spray unit, which TOTO LTD. developed and started releasing in 1980. Originally, Japanese people were by no means in the habit of washing the bottom with water. However, believing in the dissemination of the toilet seat with a warm water spray unit into general households, TOTO started development in 1978, and struggled through the release after overcoming various difficulties.

The apparatus spread rapidly thanks to the effect of TV commercials, and similar products were released in the course of time. The penetration rate for households exceeds 70% at present and the products drastically changed the lifestyle of Japanese people and the lavatory equipment environment. At present, Toto’s ‘Washlet’ has become synonymous with a toilet seat and warm water spray unit.

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TOTO Museum

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