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The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Professional Committee of Micro-Nano Engineering
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Apr 1, 2015
English page is updated.
English page is updated.

  Aims of the committee

JSME has newly founded Professional Committee of Micro-Nano Mechanical Science and Technology as an organization in charge of enhancement of interdisciplinary and emerging research activities. This is the second case for such an organization after the first Professional Committee of Low & Technology.
In recent years, engineering and science in a small-size domain on the order of micrometer- and nanometer-ranges have globally emerged and are in a rapid growth. The technologies in such a domain are the main driving force for the growth of new industries creating innovative devices/systems in areas such as information, bio, and medical applications. This is the field where mechanical science and technologies are demanded directly to contribute. Many members of JSME are, of course, already actively involved in researches and developments in the micro/nano domain, and their results were presented in some of the existing 20 divisions. However, their activities are less visible from outside of the society. Also, insufficient amount of communication channels among divisions are the barriers for interdisciplinary discussions which are necessary for emerging research fields. These are the reasons why JSME has founded the Micro/Nano committee.