Workshop Title: International Workshop on Environmental Engineering 2023 (IWEE 2023), Date: 25-28 July 2023 Venue: Kunibiki Messe, Shimane, JAPAN


1. Noise and vibration control engineering technology
1-1. Test and analysis technique of noise and vibration
1-2. Improvement technology of noise and vibration
1-3. Evaluation and improvement of sound quality
1-4. Evaluation and improvement of low frequency sound
2. Recycling and waste treatment technology
2-1. Recycling waste treatment technology
2-2. Resource recovery and recycling
2-3. Incineration and melting technology
2-4. Treatment technology of stabilization and detoxification
2-5. Waste power and biomass power generation, Heat utilization
2-6. Environmental management and method
3. Technology for the conservation of air and water
3-1. Technology for the conservation of air environment
3-2. Technology for the conservation of water environment
3-3. Evaluation technology of air and water environment
3-4. Numerical simulation of air and water environment
4. Environment friendly energy technology
4-1. Energy conservation
4-2. Renewable energy
4-3. Effective utilization of energy
4-4. Energy storage
4-5. Technologies related to environment in the energy sector
4-6. Numerical simulation for environment
5. Cross-sectional topics
5-1. Advanced sustainable city
5-2. Energy storage technology