Workshop Title: International Workshop on Environmental Engineering 2023 (IWEE 2023), Date: 25-28 July 2023 Venue: Kunibiki Messe, Shimane, JAPAN

Optional Tours

Tour Itinenary

Tour Information

9:30 Starts from Matsue Station
9:45-11:00 Matsue Castle
11:10-12:00 Horikawa Pleasure Boat
12:10-13:00 Lunch (Hourai-kichijituan)
13:10-15:40 Japanese sweets making
15:50-16:45 Shimane Prefectural Products and Tourist Center
17:00 Arrived at Matsue Station

Tourist spot introduction

Matsue Castle
“Matsue Castle” was built about 400 years ago and is one of the 12 existing castle towers in Japan. It was designated as a National Treasure in July 2015. If you climb up to the watchtower on the top floor, you can get a panoramic view of Matsue city and Lake Shinji. There is a walking path in Shiroyama Park, where you can enjoy nature from season to season, such as pine and bamboo forests, cherry blossoms, camellias, and plums, and is also a place for citizens to relax.
Matsue Horikawa Pleasure Boat
“Matsue Horikawa Pleasure Boat” is a pleasure boat that takes about 50 minutes around the moat of the national treasure Matsue Castle. Enjoy Matsue Castle, samurai residences, castle town scenery lined with old pine trees in Shiomi Nawate, the forests of Shiroyama Park, and the rich nature of the waterside birds while relaxing on the boat.
“Uoichi Horai Kichijitsuan” is a long-established restaurant in Matsue City, founded in 1901. You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine and local cuisine in the elegant appearance of a former high-class restaurant and inn with a room that blends Japanese and Western styles.
Japanese sweets making(Osewasan center)
Matsue is one of Japan's three major confectioners along with Kyoto and Kanazawa. It is said that Matsue's chanoyu culture permeated Matsue when Harusato Matsudaira (Fumaiko), the 7th feudal lord of the Matsue clan, who was a daimyo tea master, perfected the tea ceremony 'Fumai-ryu'. The culture of enjoying tea and Japanese sweets is still passed down. This is a program where you can experience making Japanese sweets under the guidance of a craftsman.
Shimane Prefectural Products and Tourist Center
“Shimane Prefectural Tourist Information Center” exhibits and sells the products of Shimane Prefecture, such as Japanese sweets, crafts, pottery, toys, and processed agricultural and fishery products. Enjoy shopping for souvenirs and more.
Route bus (Matsue Lake Line)
"Matsue Lake Line" is a sightseeing loop bus that runs every 20 minutes to visit the main sightseeing spots in central Matsue. Use this bus to travel from JR Matsue Station to the Matsue Castle area.