Land Steam Turbine
(Parsons Steam Turbine)

This machine is the first domestic land steam turbine manufactured by Nagasaki Shipyard of the Mitsubishi joint-stock company (predecessor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) in 1908.

Through technical cooperation with the British company Parsons in 1904, they completed the Parsons 500kW turbine and the power generator and started in-house power generation on the premises. The turbine was operated at a rotation speed of 2400 rpm, a pressure of 1.03 MPa and a steam temperature of 186°C. There are a total of 84 blades, with 23 stages of the high-pressure blade made of copper and 61 stages of the medium- and low-pressure blade made of brass.

The turbine continued to be in service until 1920 and, at present, all components including the turbine rotor, moving blades, stator blades, casing and governor are preserved and exhibited in Nagasaki Shipyard Museum of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

On exhibition (Reservation required)

Nagasaki Shipyard Museum, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Hours open:
9:00–16:30 on weekdays
Admission fee:
Adult: \800, Jr.H.S & Elem.S student: \400, Preschoolers: Free
Days closed:
The second Saturday, Public holidays, Nagasaki Shipyard’s holiday Tour may be cancelled in the case of a company event.
1-1 Akunoura-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki 850-8610
By shuttle bus from Nagasaki station

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