Lecture Note ‘Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery’ by Professors Bunji MANO and Ariya INOKUTY at Imperial University of Tokyo

These documents are lecture notes of the Technical College, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial University of Tokyo, made in 1905.

The first note is ‘Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery’, the first half of which, ‘Hydraulics’, was written by Professor Ariya Inokuchi, the inventor of Inokuchi’s centrifugal pump. The second half, ‘Hydraulic Machinery’, was written by Professor Bunji Mano, who founded the Society of Mechanical Engineers in 1897 and assumed the office of the first secretary general (chairman). The notes are a testament to the high level of lectures at that time through information, handouts of examination questions, etc.

The second note is the ‘Mathematics II’ and the lecturer is unknown and not indicated, but the contents cover the mathematical analysis (differential calculus, integral calculus and differential equation). The transcriber is Mr. Tsuneka Odamura, who graduated the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the university in 1906, and the notes were preserved by his son, Shiro Odamura (former president of Takushoku University).

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