The Journal of Thermal Science and Technology (JTST) is a new electronic technical journal jointly edited and published by the Thermal Engineering Division of JSME and the Heat Transfer Society of Japan (HTSJ). The objective of JTST is to spread internationally knowledge generated through excellent research and state-of-the-art technology development in the field of thermal engineering. JTST takes over the fields of thermal engineering and heat transfer from the JSME International Journal, Series B that has been discontinued since January, 2007 and also the former Thermal Science and Engineering by HTSJ that has recently changed to a volume bound with the Journal of the Heat Transfer Society of Japan consisting mainly of Japanese articles. JTST covers a variety of fields in thermal engineering including heat and mass transfer, thermodynamics, combustion, bio-heat transfer, micro- and macro-scale transport phenomena and practical thermal problems in industrial applications.

Since the editorial and review systems are web-based, the period of time from submission to publication will be greatly cut down. Individual papers will appear on the J-STAGE ( as soon as the review process is completed. Everyone can subscribe to JTST free of charge through the above website.

On behalf of the editorial board, I would like to invite all researchers and engineers in the field of thermal engineering to contribute their original papers to JTST. It is our pleasure if many contributors and readers make use of JTST as a stage for exchange of up-to-date knowledge and information. JTST is always open to all the world.

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