Rule on Submission of Papers

(Edited and managed jointly by Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers-Thermal Engineering Division and The Heat Transfer Society of Japan)

  • The Journal of Thermal Science and Technology (referred to below as “Journal”) is an electronic journal edited and managed jointly by the Thermal Engineering Division of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers and The Heat Transfer Society of Japan, and issued by Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers for the global dissemination of academic and technological information on mechanical engineering and industries.

  • 1. Paper for submission

  • Papers for submission to the Journal should be original papers of the authors and unpublished in general publicly disseminated (distributed or sold) publications.
    Research Paper
    Review Paper
    Short Paper
  • 2. Qualifications of contributors

  • Even non-members of the society may submit papers.
  • 3. Copyright

  • As a rule, copyright on papers published in the Journal belongs to the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • 4. Specified number of pages

  • The number of pages for one paper shall be as follows:
    Research papers should not be more than 12 pages (A run-over of up to 8 pages)
    Short papers should not be more than 8 pages Additional pages may be approved for a manuscript when the Editorial Board deems it necessary.
  • 5. Preparation and submission of papers

  • As a rule, papers for submission should be prepared using the specified template and submitted through the submission and review system of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Please check "Provisions for the Bulletin of JSME" and "Submission Rules" before submitting.

  • [Manuscript Template]
    The Manuscript Template can be downloaded below. The authors must prepare their manuscript using the specified template and copyright-transfer sheet with signature.
  • JSME template (Word) : English-Template.docx (Sample)
  • JSME template (TeX) :
  • Copyright Transfer (Word) : copyright_transfer.doc (Sample)
  • JSME template for special issue (Word) : English-Template-specialissue.docx
  • Addressing Issues Regarding MS Word Equation Editor and the Equation Tool : Addressing_issues_MSWord.pdf
  • 6. Language

  • The language of the papers for submission shall be English.
  • 7. Units

  • The units used in the papers should be SI units.
  • 8. Acceptance

  • The acceptance or rejection of the paper submitted shall be decided by the Editorial Board.
  • 9. Responsibilities for the manuscript

  • The author shall assume all responsibilities regarding the content of the manuscript published. All data of papers are true and accurate to the Knowledge of the authors.
  • 10. Date of receipt

  • The date of receipt of papers submitted shall be the date when the papers arrive at the office of the Society. However, when papers sent back to the authors for addition or revisions are not returned with the addition or revisions within two months after the inquiry date from the Society, the original date of receipt becomes invalid.
  • 11. Ethical Policy

  • The author must obey "Ethical Policy Regarding Submission and Review of Papers". ( For research studies involving human subjects, the authors must observe the ethical policies in the Declaration of Helsinki (, give due consideration to the subjects' privacy, and obtain informed consent from the subjects before the submission of the papers. All papers reporting human and/or animal studies must provide a statement indicating that the study has been approved by the ethics committee or animal ethics committee of the authors' affiliated institutions.

    The JSME Guidelines of Technical Papers and Presentations related to Military Technologies
  • 12. Conflict of Interest

  • If there is a conflict of interest, to disclose any relevant information in line with the importance of fairness and responsibility to explain whatever conflicts of interest.
  • 13. Priority

  • Priority of the paper shall take effect on the date of receipt of the paper and shall be clearly stated in the Journal.
  • 14. Date of publication

  • The paper shall be published on a timely basis after being voted for publication with the paper publication date indicated in the table of contents.
  • 15. Publishing Fees

  • An invoice will be sent after finalizing the decision to publish the manuscript in the bulletin. The fee should be paid immediately. The publishing fee shall be decided separately. If the publishing fee is not paid within one year after the invoice is issued, the author will not be allowed to submit papers or publish new papers until the payment is complete. If payment is not received after two years since the issue of the invoice, the paper may be withdrawn from publication.
  • When using templates specified by JSME (Japanese Yen, Exclusive of Consumption Tax or Banking Charge)

    Number of published pages When the first author is a member When the first author is not a member
    1-12 pages ¥40,000 per paper ¥60,000 per paper
    ≥13 pages ¥5,000 per additional page ¥7,500 per additional page

    Members of joint publishing organizations are treated as a member.
    Authors who live outside Japan with foreign nationalities are treated as a member.

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