How to Join Us

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Application Flow

Fill application form

Receive a temporary registration e-mail

Submit the Direct Debit Form by mail to the JSME office *1

Complete your payment via E-mail *2

Monthly application deadline (20th of each month) *3

Receive an enrollment approval e-mail

Receive your membership card

* We recommend using direct debit of the initiation fee/annual membership fee.

*1 Please write the temporary registration number on the envelope when sending the form.

*2 Please remit about one week before the application deadline.

*3 If the 20th is a holiday, the preceding business day shall be the deadline.

Membership Qualifications

Category Qualifications
Member Employed or have previously been employed in the engineering field.

Students in a doctoral program (Membership fee exemption)*2

Student member Students in a master’s program/University/College of technology/Junior college/Technical high school

Initiation Fee/Annual Membership Fee

The JSME receives the annual membership fee each year in advance. We send information about the membership fee every November from the following year.

Membership Type Initiation fee Apply in
Jan. – Mar.
Apply in
Apr. – Jun.
Apply in
Jul. – Sep.
Apply in
Oct. to Dec.
Member ¥1,000 ¥9,600
(Total ¥10,600)
(Total ¥8,200)
(Total ¥5,800)
(Total ¥13,000)
(Membership fee exemption)*2
¥1,000 ¥2,400(Total ¥3,400) ¥3,600(Total ¥4,600)*1
¥3,600(Total ¥4,600)
includes Magazine Subscriptions
¥4,800(Total ¥5,800)*1
includes Magazine Subscriptions
Student member Free of charge ¥2,400 ¥3,600*1
includes Magazine Subscriptions
includes Magazine Subscriptions

*1 The annual membership fee for the next full year is included.

*2 Submit an application here. The exemption requires an application every single year.

・In the case of subscription to Magazines outside of Japan, overseas postage will be charged.

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